Our Mandate

To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.


On 19th January 2018, LASPNET Board members and the Secretariat met with a team from the Democratic Governance Facility led by Mr.Wimm Stoffers, the Head of Facility. The meeting was held to introduce Mr.Esben Harboe, the new Program Learning Manager in charge of sphere 3 on Upholding human rights, Access to Justice and Gender Equality.

 The LASPNET Executive Director Ms. Sylvia Namubiru Mukasa appreciated DGF for the continued partnership, having been the main funder for Network since 2004 and now for the next phase. She gave a background about LASPNET and its activities highlighting the achievements over the years which include; a good relationship with DGF, trust by stakeholders like JLOS, an expanded membership, monitoring corruption, conducted a number of researches to support evidence-based lobbying and advocacy, and strategic partnerships with institutions like the Equal Opportunities Commission, National Social Security Fund, Land Commission and Local Governments such as Lwengo, among others.

Mr. Wimm Stoffers acknowledged the elaborate brief on the network noting the importance of seeing partner’s premises to better understand their working environment. He shared on the budget ceiling for DGF funding for the next phase noting that consideration would be given to the history of the organization and absorption capacity in order to ensure realistic budgets are made.

On his part, Mr. Esben expressed his pleasure at interacting with the LASPNET team noting that DGF was looking at adopting a new approach that involves more engagement with its partners and that he was open to changes within the program areas. He however said that more attention would be given to research specifically looking at potential areas relevant now and in future.

Ms. Martha Nanjobe, the Deputy Program Learning Manager at DGF applauded LASPNET for its responsive nature noting that frank discussions had been held about the weaknesses of the Network, something that other partners haven’t had. On her part the new DGF Programme manager for LASPNET had this to say; “I am glad to be managing LASPNET within the new phase especially because they continue to do good work. However, with the increased level of responsiveness by JLOS to issues of access to justice, their work load especially in research is likely to increase”.

Members of the LASPNET Board of Directors in attendance included the Chairperson, Mr. Samuel Herbert Nsubuga, Mr. Anthony Mutimba, the Treasurer, the General Secretary Ms. Lydia Namuli and the Board Member on Merit, Mr. Paul Kavuma. They acknowledged the support of DGF that had seen LASPNET rise to where it is. Mr. Nsubuga said that the Network’s focus would be to see the National Legal Aid Policy and law passed and requested DGF to help by knocking on the hard doors that can enable this happen.

In her closing remarks, Ms. Namuli appreciated DGF for nurturing LASPNET and being patient with a growing organization. She committed LASPNET’s responsiveness in the next five years and applauded the courtesy call and interaction.