Our Mandate

To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.

Schedules for Upcoming Activities

  1. Launch of the Call Center Date to be communicated

  2. Annual IIMS Support visits to LASPs 10th-14th June & 17th-21st June
  3. Holding of Committee Quarterly meetings 24th-28th June
  4. ULS Pro-bono Day 28th June
  5. Holding of Board quarterly meetings 2nd July
  6. Media Breakfast Training on Access to Justice, Human Rights and Rule of Law 4th - 5th July
  7. Dissemination meeting of the Legal aid service Protocols which legal practitioner’s manual, Paralegal handbook and Training manuals 10th July
  8. The 4th Annual CEOs Breakfast meeting 19th July
  9. Annual Peer Learning visits and Regional Engagement Meetings 22nd - 26th July

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    P.O. Box 8488, Kampala-Uganda
  • Tel: +256(0)393513733 
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