Our Mandate

To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.

Membership Benefits

There are a number of benefits that accrue to a member organisation to LASPNET, including the following:

  • Collective voice and influence: As a member, you will be joining various other organisations, committed to working together to contribute to the development of the country. LASPNET's ever growing influence is as a direct result of working with members and therefore as a member, your organisation will be part of a collective and united voice to engage and influence Government and other stakeholders on issues of concern to NGOs.
  • Collaboration and networking: LASPNET facilitates networking among members, other NGOs and the wider civil society through its 'platform' character that fosters sharing, reflection and open debate on important issues for engagement. Through Members' Events including Membership Symposiums; Membership Days etc members have an opportunity to share, learn and profile their work through best practices, case studies, experiences, success stories, professional knowledge and materials with other members and partners.
  • Profiling member organisations: We shall also document and profile our members' work as a DVD to accompany our annual report. Members can also access the Members Database and Directory, which is a great network of hundreds of NGOs. This would be distributed extensively and regularly updated.
  • Sector-wide representation: LASPNET represents members' views and interests and lobbies for relevant change at national fora. In addition, all members are eligible and can be requested to represent the LASPNET family at national, regional and international fora on matters of concern to the NGO sector and development.
  • Ownership and involvement: Members have opportunity to participate in shaping the strategic direction of the organisation and to influence decisions on LASPNET policies, priorities, and actions, and to raise issues of concern.
  • Information resources and updates: Members are entitled to access the Information Unit and Resource Centre for updated, accurate and current information, reports, briefings and feedback on news about LASPNET, what is happening in the legal aid sector; and on other key collective civil society concerns on access to justice. You are also notified from time to time of funding and capacity building opportunities as well as upcoming NGO Meetings and Events at national, regional and international fora. LASPNET also acts as a conduit for members to receive current information, updates, publications etc from government and other stakeholders; to allow them engage on the relevant issues. Receive a copy of the 'The Platform', the official newsletter of LASPNET; which focuses on current issues and key activities undertaken by the Forum, member organisations and other NGOs. Members can contribute to The Platform through submission of articles. Website Access: Through a password, members have free access to "My Forum", a special member's area on the LASPNET website to share information and experiences and to interact with other members online. All Members are also recognized on the 'Wall of Members' on the website.
  • Leadership and authority: All members are eligible to stand for election to LASPNET Governance Organs of the organisation such as the Board. Members can provide comment and offer recommendations to the Governance Organs on matters relevant to the activities of LASPNET. This way, we provide opportunities to live and practice democracy
  • Solidarity and support: LASPNET will support, mobilize NGOs to stand in solidarity with its members who may be illegally threatened in the course of their work and promotion of democracy and citizen's interests. Recommendation to development partners, other NGOs and Government for relevant support to your organisation. Membership allows you to receive technical and specialized advice and support on different aspects to enable your organisation grow and improve its work. The Membership and Constituency Servicing Team will regularly review the above Member Benefits, identify new ones and create valued products for members.

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