Our Mandate

To strengthen coordination and networking of LASPs, harmonisation and standardisation of legal aid service provision by the different service providers, lobbying and advocacy to facilitate a favourable legal and policy environment.

Inter Religious Council of Uganda - IRCU

The mission is To promote peace, reconciliation, good governance, and holistic human development through interfaith action and collaboration, advocating for the empowerment of member bodies for common good. IRCU's vision is A divinely peaceful, united, prosperous Uganda where all people enjoy full health and freedoms for the common good.

Islamic Women Initiative for Justice, Law and Peace (IWILAP)

Vision A society accessing quality legal assistance and free from all kinds of human rights abuses. Mission To build and strengthen a sustainable, transparent, accountable and democratic society free from Human Rights abuse through advocacy, implementation and partnership at all levels.

Justice and Rights Associates - JURIA

JURIA exists to affect policy and legislative reform and enhance access to justice for all through education, legal aid, advocacy, research and collaborative engagements with like minded partners. Its Vision is A society where the rule of law is upheld and human rights of all are respected.

Justice Defenders (Formerly APP)

Vision: To empower changemakers within prisons - prisoners and prisoner staff – who will use the law to bring justice to some of the world’s most vulnerable, through our Justice Changemaker Programme.

Kamuli Community Based Paralegals Association - KCOBPA

KCOBPA's mission is To utilize the trained paralegals in delivering home made justice by effectively facilitating legal processes in the accepted legal mandate Its vision is To sustain a local paralegal and volunteer scheme that effectively facilitates access to justice programmes in the community.

Land and Equity Movement in Uganda - LEMU

LEMU's mission is To strengthen security of equitable land rights for the well-being of vulnerable people in Uganda. Its vision is A Ugandan society with land tenure security and equitable land rights to make land secure for all for equitable development.

Law & Advocacy for Women in Uganda (LAWU).

LAWU was established in 1997 by women lawyers brought together by their interest in women’s rights issues as well as their joint experience during their studies as participants of the Leadership and Advocacy for Women in Africa (LAWA) Project and the Women in Law and Public Policy Fellowship Program (WLPPFP).

Law and Governance Advocates Uganda - LGA-U

LGA-U envisions A society with requisite knowledge and information on national laws and policies. Its mission is To create understanding of laws as and policies and legally empower communities through awareness raising

Legal Action for Persons with Disabilities - LAPD

LAPD envisions A Uganda where Human Rights are actualised for persons with disabilities (PWDs). The vision of LAPD focuses on being a powerful engine for human rights and legal action in Uganda that will contribute to a Uganda free of human rights abuse among persons with disabilities.

Legal Aid Clinic of the Law Development Center - LAC

LAC's mission is To Review, Restructure and Modernize Centre Programmes and Services. Its vision is To be the centre for quality legal training and high academic and professional standards.

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